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Bear Bottom Honey Farm Wagener, SC

Bear Bottom Honey Farm Wagener, SC We of course sell honey. The best local honey in the CSRA! We produce pastured pork, chicken, duck and eggs. We also dabble in seasonal vegetables, but only sell excess when we have it. We are a sustainable farm and do not apply pesticides to any plants or give antibiotics to any of our animals. Our pigs live in small grassy or wooded areas allowing them to root, run and behave like pigs. Our chickens and ducks are grass fed and pasture raised. Our bees are chemical free and live on small farms or open acreage where the farmers do not use pesticides. We take pride in our small family operation and encourage you to try our honey and other products. All items are sold at the farm. Most Saturdays we are here, but call us if you'd like to come out any other day.

Please find or current newsletter below and enjoy a 10% discount on any of our items.

Hello Customers!

Spring is a busy time here on the farm. We currently have chickens on pasture; turkeys, ducks and chickens in the brooder. We recently purchased an incubator so we're really growing our own now. Our pigs have recently had their spring litters and we have lots of little piggies running round. The bee hives have been split and we've doubled our numbers for the summer honey pull.

We're planning on having chicken and duck available this year every three weeks on Saturdays beginning on April 28. Please email us your order amount or call ahead so we can have your birds ready when you come.

Please find our available prices and products below.

As always email or call if you have questions or concerns and we'll do what we can to help.

Chicken $15 ea
Pick up dates
April 28
May 19
June 9
June 30
Please indicate pick up date, number of birds x $15, and the total when you order.

Duck $30 ea
Pick up dates
April 28
May 19
June 9
June 30
Please indicate pick up date, number of birds x $30, and the total when you order.

Pork Products
Pork Chops 2pack inch thick cut, full fat $3
Breakfast Sausage (Mild) 1lb pack $3 More pork cuts will be available in the fall
Eggs are always available
Chicken eggs $3/doz
Duck eggs $6/doz


*We are currently sold out of honey. Honey pull dates to be announced in June or early July.
**Turkeys will be sold this fall in November only. These are heritage breeds and pasture raised. We have toms for $75 each and hens for $60 each. (cleaned and processed) Please let us know now how many you'd like.
Thanks for everything!

Roy, Heather, Maddie and Landon
Bear Bottom Honey Farm
279 Poinsettia Rd Wagener SC 29164