Boys Kids Vampire Halloween Costume Review

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Boys Kids Vampire Halloween Costume, Dracula​ Size M 6,7,8 Review

Are you looking for an affordable and impressive vampire costume for your child? The Boys Kids Vampire Halloween Costume might just be the perfect fit. This costume comes with a vest with attached sleeves, a cape with an attached collar, and a medallion. Please note that pants are not included due to size variation. The vest length for size M is 21 inches, and the vest chest measures 32 inches.


  • The shirt is thin but does the job, and the vest gives a good impression of crushed velvet.
  • The cape is made of two layers of nylon, providing good weight and thickness.
  • The costume is affordable and offers good value for the price.
  • The cape is exceptional, with a sturdy collar and good-quality material.
  • The cape fabric washes well and maintains its appearance.


  • The shirt/vest combination may not be as durable as the cape, and some users reported issues with the sleeve seams.
  • The costume does not come with pants, and the collar on the cape is only 2 inches long.
  • Some users found the shirt to be scratchy, although this was easily addressed by wearing an undershirt.

Customer Reviews:

  • Many customers were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the costume, especially considering the affordable price. The vest, cape, and medallion received praise for their appearance and durability.
  • Some users noted that the costume ran slightly large, but this allowed for a comfortable fit and room to grow.
  • While the shirt/vest combination may not be as durable as the cape, it was deemed suitable for several uses and playtime dress-up.
  • One user highlighted the beautiful fabric of the cape, which washed well and maintained its appearance.

Overall, the Boys Kids Vampire Halloween Costume offers an affordable and visually impressive option for young Dracula enthusiasts. With attention to detail and some minor adjustments, such as wearing an undershirt for comfort, this costume provides an excellent Halloween or dress-up option for kids.

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