Ceaco – Thomas Kinkade – Stillwater Cottage Puzzle Review

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Are you a fan of Thomas Kinkade’s art and enjoy the challenge of assembling jigsaw puzzles? If so, the Ceaco – Thomas Kinkade – Stillwater Cottage Puzzle might be the perfect addition to your collection. This 1000-piece puzzle features a high gloss image on the package for reference and once assembled, it measures 27″ x 20″. Made in the USA, this puzzle showcases Kinkade’s renowned artwork and attention to detail.


  • Beautiful and high-quality image reproduction
  • Challenging yet enjoyable 1000-piece puzzle
  • Great gift for art and puzzle enthusiasts
  • Made in the USA


  • Some customers reported receiving puzzles with residue on the pieces and dull colors
  • Occasional complaints about pieces not fitting tightly or being flimsy
  • Reports of missing pieces and dust in the bag

Despite the minor drawbacks mentioned by a few customers, the Ceaco – Thomas Kinkade – Stillwater Cottage Puzzle remains a popular choice for those who appreciate Kinkade’s artistry and enjoy the satisfaction of completing a challenging puzzle. The beautiful image and the overall enjoyment of assembling the puzzle outweigh the reported issues for many buyers. If you’re a fan of Kinkade’s work and are up for the challenge of a 1000-piece puzzle, this product is worth considering.

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