Fibersource HN Review

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When it comes to liquid nutritional support, Fibersource HN stands out as a top choice. This product, manufactured by Nestle, offers a range of benefits for adults in need of nutritional supplementation. With a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating from 64 reviews, it’s evident that many users have found this product to be highly effective.

Features and Benefits:

Fibersource HN comes in a convenient powder form, with each item weighing 8 ounces. It provides essential nutritional support and is particularly beneficial for individuals on feeding tubes. The formula contains fiber, high protein, and 300 calories, making it a comprehensive option for those requiring liquid nutrition.


  • High protein and fiber content
  • 300 calories per serving
  • Convenient powder form
  • Effective for individuals on feeding tubes
  • Readily available from various vendors


  • Occasional shipping delays reported by some users
  • Price fluctuations and variations in shipping speed based on vendors
  • Reports of open boxes and lack of insulation in some deliveries

Customer Feedback:

Many users have praised the nutritional value of Fibersource HN, highlighting its high protein and fiber content. However, some have experienced occasional shipping delays and fluctuations in pricing from different vendors. Despite these drawbacks, the product itself has been consistently commended for its effectiveness in meeting nutritional needs.

Final Verdict:

Fibersource HN is a reliable choice for individuals requiring liquid nutritional support. While there may be minor issues with shipping and pricing variations, the product’s nutritional benefits and convenience make it a worthwhile option. Potential buyers should consider comparing prices from different vendors to ensure the best value for this highly regarded product.

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