Fun World Skeleboner Adult Costume Review

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The Fun World Skeleboner Adult Costume is a humorous and attention-grabbing outfit that is sure to make a statement at any Halloween party. This costume includes a bone print jumpsuit with a faux phallus, gloves, mask, and a hand-held phallus air pump. The mask, which is rubber and attached to a hood, may be uncomfortable for extended wear, but this can be remedied with face paint to create a skull image. The boner feature is a hit, although it may not be as unique as expected due to its popularity at large events.


  • Humorous and attention-grabbing
  • Includes all necessary accessories
  • The hand-held phallus air pump works
  • Great for Halloween parties


  • The mask can be uncomfortable for extended wear
  • The sizing may be off, especially for taller individuals
  • The costume’s stitching and fabric quality are not the best
  • The boner feature may be awkward in certain settings

Despite some drawbacks such as uncomfortable mask and sizing issues, the Fun World Skeleboner Adult Costume delivers on its promise of being a fun and attention-grabbing outfit. The hand-held phallus air pump works, and the costume is a huge hit at Halloween parties. However, the quality of the stitching and fabric leaves something to be desired, and the boner feature may not be suitable for all settings. Overall, if you’re looking for a gag costume that will provide laughs, this costume is a good fit.

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