How Big Is 30X40 Blanket


How Big Is 30X40 Blanket

Blankets are such diverse products. Imagine sleeping without a blanket for a week; you probably can’t! Many of us cannot survive a night without a blanket because of all the comfort and a secure feeling it provides. This is why you need to focus more on blanket sizes and pick the right one. If you have recently moved to a new house, you will be perplexed by all the blanket sizes available. Don’t worry! Simply remember your mattress size and pick blanket sizes adhering to that. You may go one size up while buying, but not more than that. Blanket sizes differ in purposes, just like babies will need a lovey, cradle, crib, receiving, stroller, or similar ones. On the other hand, blanket sizes for your sofa or bed decor will vary. You might buy Afghan blanket sizes because of all the detailed handwoven designs it contains.

What is a Blanket?

A blanket is the most wanted and basic necessity for your bedding. Consider the blanket as the best accompaniment for your mattress. Blanket sizes are abundant in number because mattresses are equally eclectic – full, king, queen, twin, twin XL, and so on. From providing the much-needed warmth to protecting your mattress, to being a decor piece, to resulting in prolonged longevity of your mattress – a blanket is indeed a blessing to your bedding.

Blanket Sizes Chart

Blanket TypeBlanket Sizes in inchesBlanket Sizes in CM

Lovey12 by 12 inches30 by 30 cm

Baby14 by 16 inches36 by 41 cm

Cradle14 by 30 inches36 by 76 cm

Premie18 by 24 inches46 by 61 cm

Stroller22-30 by 30-36 inches51-76 by 76-91 cm

Lapghan36 by 48 inches91 by 122 cm

Receiving40 by 40 inches102 by 102 cm

Crib45 by 60 inches114 by 152 cm

Throw50 by 60 inches127 by 152 cm

Afghan50 by 65 inches127 by 165 cm

Twin65 by 90 inches165 by 229 cm

Double85 by 90 inches216 by 229 cm

Queen90 by 90-100 inches229 by 229-254 cm

King108 by 90-100 inches274 by 229-254 cm

Baby Blanket Sizes

If you are a would-be parent or just had your little bunch of happiness, you would be delighted to read the following blanket sizes explained in terms of sizes, comfort level, and also age-wise.

Decorative Throw Blankets

Here comes the favorite part for home décor enthusiasts. Decorative throw blankets are one of the most multi-functional products available. They are not only intricately designed but also serve the objective of providing warmth to the user.

Standard Blanket Sizes for Mattresses

The standard blanket size depends on the size of your mattress. You don’t wish to buy a shorter or dangling blanket from the ends of your mattress. The perfect size can only be determined after studying the different blanket sizes.

Specialty Blanket Sizes

Considering the diverse types of blanket sizes, some specialty blankets are not solely used for covering the mattress. For instance, the premie blanket is exclusively made for premature babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Then, on the other hand, a lapghan blanket measuring 36 inches wide and 48 inches long is suitable for wheelchair users, hospital patients, and similar ones.

How to Choose the Right Blanket?

Choosing the right blanket size is quite crucial because of your mattress. If you are looking for blankets for your mattress, you can utmostly opt for a blanket size one size up and not more than that. It will mostly dangle at the ends of your bed. If you buy a mattress for your baby, consider their age, like a crib or cradle or similar ones. If you wish to purchase a multi-purpose blanket, simply choose something large and adaptable. That blanket size will suffice when your baby is a newborn until they are toddlers. For decoration purposes, an Afghan or lapghan or throw blanket will be more relevant. Blanket sizes are plentiful in count, but understanding what you need is the deal. You need the best for your baby, therefore, consider all sizes, starting from lovey to crib size. If you don’t wish to change from one blanket size to another constantly, consider opting for slightly bigger blanket sizes.

FAQs – How Big is a 30×40 Blanket

Q. What is Considered a Large Blanket?

A. King-size throw blankets primarily consider large sleeping covers. These products measure 72 inches wide and 80 inches long. A king-size throw blanket is large, comfortable, and looks premium on the bed.

Q. Best Type of Blanket For Baby to Sleep With?

A. There are mainly four popular types of blankets available.

Cotton blankets are durable, soft, and breathable

Wool products are cozy, comfortable, and perfect for cold winter

Villaz blankets are known as hotel blankets; these items have foam putting with nylon covering.

Down blankets are known as comforters.

Q. Can You Wash a Blanket in the Washing Machine?

A. Depending on the fabric type, you can wash blankets in the machine. Avoid using bleach or any fabric softener that can ruin the product. Remember, blankets are made from a single layer, while a comforter has multiple layers. It can be more relatable during the wash.

Q. What Blanket Size is Good for Babies?

A. You can find a number of baby blankets in the market. The best one is a 40×60(inch) blanket that fully covers a toddler in their crib. However, a 30×40 blanket is also preferred more by parents as it is a multi-use blanket.


Now you know the correct size of a 30×40 Blanket size along with more size options. Remember, these size blankets are used for babies. There are different types of blankets available. You can choose the best one according to your mattress size and purpose of use.


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