Squidward Die In SpongeBob

How Did Squidward Die In SpongeBob?

A new disturbing trend is sweeping TikTok, leaving many users shocked and traumatized. The trend involves searching “how did Squidward die” and recording your reaction before and after. The results link to a horrifying fan theory about a lost episode of SpongeBob SquarePants where Squidward supposedly commits suicide. This dark urban legend reveals the hidden despair behind the grumpy character.

The trend starts innocently enough. A TikTok user films themselves, usually with a silly grin, showing they are about to search the phrase. The carefree attitude shifts dramatically after they presumably read the top search results. Their faces morph to disturbed, scared and deeply upset.

The drastic reactions show this is no laughing matter. So what exactly are people reading? The top hits relate the disturbing tale of “Red Mist” or “Squidward’s Suicide,” a supposedly real lost episode of SpongeBob from season 4.

As the creepy story goes, this episode was never meant to air. It was created by a rogue artist and spliced into a preview copy sent to Nickelodeon editors. The episode opens normally, but descends into violence and horror as it shows Squidward gruesomely taking his own life.

The Origins of An Unsettling Urban Legend

This shocking story originated on the paranormal website Creepypasta. The reports claim an anonymous user shared the tale of the disturbing episode. The user said they were an intern at Nickelodeon and viewed a preview copy labeled “Squidward’s Suicide.”

Thinking it was a morbid joke, they continued watching. The episode starts with Squidward trying and failing to play clarinet. SpongeBob and Patrick laugh at his bad performance from outside. An enraged Squidward yells at them to be quiet.

Later, a depressed Squidward sobs in his room after being booed off stage at a concert. This is where things take a dark turn. Squidward looks up with hyperrealistic red eyes and blood dripping down his face. The sound of an actual person crying gets louder. An eerie voice whispers “Do it!” Squidward then puts a shotgun in his mouth and pulls the trigger. The camera pans out to show his mutilated remains before cutting to credits.

This lost episode was allegedly spliced in to be as traumatizing as possible. The writers never intended such a grim plotline. The fan theory claims a rogue artist hacked the preview tape to make their disturbing vision a reality. Nickelodeon has never confirmed or denied this rumor.

The Troubled Psychology Behind Squidward

While nothing so violent ever aired, Squidward clearly represents the show’s most troubled character. He works a dead-end job at the Krusty Krab, has failed artistic dreams, and lives in misery surrounded by the ever-joyful SpongeBob. His sarcastic pessimism echoes many adults frustrated with their unfulfilling lives.

Squidward acts cruel and arrogant, but his meanness hides inner pain. As show writer Casey Alexander explained, “In an exaggerated way, he’s the most human character. If I knew a human-like SpongeBob, I probably would react to him like Squidward does.”

The morbid lost episode theory takes this psychological subtext to its darkest conclusion: suicide. It is highly unlikely Nickelodeon would ever green light such a depressingly tragic storyline. But the fan legend reveals how deeply Squidward’s despair resonates with audiences.

TikTok’s Latest Shock Trend

The “How Did Squidward Die” trend follows in the line of other shocking TikTok challenges. Previously, a trend speculated about a disturbing lost episode where Sandy Cheeks dies. The SpongeBob conspiracy theories highlight the show’s maturity beyond its humor.

Watching people’s dramatic reactions shows how effectively the legend disturbs viewers. The contrast from amused anticipation to sheer horror makes for engaging content. But it also spreads awareness of a serious real world issue – suicide.

Squidward acts cruel, but his story reminds us that mockery often hides inner turmoil. Experts warn sensationalizing suicide, even fictionally, can have negative impacts. If nothing else, the scary trend sparks discussion about mental health and treating others with compassion.

A Dark Reflection of Real Life

While undoubtedly fake, the lost episode legend taps into real concerns. Depression and suicide are unfortunately common experiences. Squidward’s cynical hopelessness resonates with many viewers. The dramatic reactions show this morbid myth strongly impacts people.

The Creepypasta story takes cartoon bleakness to the extreme. But it reflects genuine issues. At its core, this scary trend reveals how deeply the seemingly simple SpongeBob world connects with audiences. The characters act as mirrors for the diverse psychology of viewers.

Squidward’s despair makes him relatable, albeit in an exaggerated, fictional way. SpongeBob’s bright optimism also represents those who spread joy even in hard times. The two contrasting characters offer insight into the diverse range of human experience.

The “How Did Squidward Die” trend likely won’t be the last morbid myth to unsettle TikTok. But behind the horror, it engages audiences by tapping into the show’s emotional depth and psychological nuance. The story presents an extreme reflection of mental health issues that impact real people every day. Though unsettling, it highlights the importance of compassion and community in overcoming life’s troubles. By bonding over their shocked reactions, TikTok users transform an act of darkness into an opportunity to spread light.

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