How Many Mission Impossibles Are There

How Many Mission Impossibles Are There

The Mission: Impossible franchise has been a staple in the entertainment industry for decades. It originated as a TV show in 1966, spanning seven seasons, and later returned for two more seasons in 1988. However, it gained widespread recognition through the blockbuster movie series starring Tom Cruise, which commenced in 1996 with the release of the first film, Mission: Impossible. Despite its long history, the franchise has experienced intermittent gaps between sequels, resulting in a lower number of movies than one might anticipate.

Explaining the Total Number of Mission: Impossible Movies

When determining the total count of Mission: Impossible movies, it is essential to consider various factors. In a literal sense, there are nine movies within the Mission: Impossible franchise. However, one of these films predates the Tom Cruise era and is not considered part of the main series. The first Mission: Impossible film, titled Mission: Impossible vs. The Mob, was created by stitching together two episodes of the original TV show and releasing them as a movie in 1968 in Europe and Australia. As this movie did not make its way to the US, it is often excluded from the official count. Therefore, the number of movies is typically considered to be eight, with two additional films yet to be released.

The chronological order of the Mission: Impossible movies is as follows:

  • Mission: Impossible (May 22, 1996)
  • Mission: Impossible 2 (May 24, 2000)
  • Mission: Impossible III (May 5, 2006)
  • Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (December 16, 2011)
  • Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (July 31, 2015)
  • Mission: Impossible – Fallout (July 27, 2018)
  • Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One (July 12, 2023)
  • Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two (June 28, 2024)

As evident from the list, there is one upcoming Mission: Impossible film featuring Tom Cruise, leaving a current total of seven viewable movies. The franchise has garnered significant attention, and enthusiasts have developed rankings for these movies.

Future of the Mission: Impossible Franchise

With eight movies already released and Tom Cruise aging within the action movie sphere, the future of the Mission: Impossible franchise remains uncertain. Speculation arises regarding the potential for additional movies following “Dead Reckoning – Part Two.” Initially, Jeremy Renner was anticipated to succeed Cruise after his appearance in “Ghost Protocol,” but his absence in “Fallout” and the upcoming “Dead Reckoning – Part One” raises questions about the franchise’s direction. Paramount, the production company behind the series, faces the challenge of continuing a franchise closely associated with its lead star.

Despite the uncertainties, historical precedents such as the James Bond franchise demonstrate the possibility of successfully transitioning to a new lead character. Paramount could opt to recast the role of Ethan Hunt or explore new storylines within the Impossible Mission Force with a different central character. Given the franchise’s commercial success, the likelihood of Paramount discontinuing it is minimal. Therefore, while the current count stands at eight (or nine) movies, the potential for additional installments in the future remains high.

Enthusiasts and critics alike eagerly await the future developments within the Mission: Impossible franchise, anticipating the continuation of its legacy in the years to come.


1. Will there be more Mission: Impossible movies after “Dead Reckoning – Part Two”?

While the future of the franchise remains uncertain, the commercial success and enduring popularity of the Mission: Impossible series make the prospect of additional movies highly likely. Paramount may explore various avenues, including introducing a new lead character or continuing the storyline within the Impossible Mission Force.

2. How many Mission: Impossible movies are currently available for viewing?

As of now, there are seven mainline Mission: Impossible movies that audiences can watch. The eighth installment, “Dead Reckoning – Part One,” is scheduled for release in 2023, with “Dead Reckoning – Part Two” following in 2024.

3. What was the first Mission: Impossible movie that launched the franchise?

The inaugural movie in the Mission: Impossible series was released on May 22, 1996, simply titled “Mission: Impossible.” It marked the beginning of the highly successful movie franchise starring Tom Cruise.

4. Who is the lead actor in the Mission: Impossible movies?

Tom Cruise has been the primary lead in the Mission: Impossible series, portraying the character Ethan Hunt. His charismatic portrayal has been integral to the franchise’s popularity and success.

5. Are there any spin-off movies or related projects within the Mission: Impossible universe?

As of now, the focus has primarily been on the mainline Mission: Impossible movies featuring Tom Cruise. However, there have been discussions about potential spin-offs or expanded storytelling within the franchise, offering new perspectives and narratives.

6. How has the Mission: Impossible franchise evolved over the years?

From its origins as a TV show in the 1960s to its transition into a blockbuster movie series, the Mission: Impossible franchise has continually adapted to audience preferences and cinematic trends. It has maintained its relevance through compelling storytelling and high-octane action sequences.

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