HTW240ASKWS 27″ Top Load Washer Review

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When it comes to the HTW240ASKWS 27″ Top Load Washer, there are mixed reviews from customers, and my experience reflects this diversity. Let’s delve into the features, benefits, and drawbacks of this washing machine.


  • Spacious 3.8 cubic ft. capacity
  • 10 wash cycles for versatile use
  • Deep rinse feature for thorough cleaning
  • Reasonable price point


  • Issues with water level adjustment
  • Delivery mishaps reported by some customers
  • Lock feature can be inconvenient
  • Prone to off-balance loads

Starting with the positives, the HTW240ASKWS offers a generous 3.8 cubic ft. capacity, making it suitable for large loads or bulky items. The 10 wash cycles provide flexibility for different fabric types and soil levels, while the deep rinse feature ensures a thorough clean.

However, some users have reported difficulties in adjusting the water level, which can impact the washing performance. Additionally, there have been complaints about delivery mishaps, including delays and damaged packaging. The lock feature and off-balance load issues have also been highlighted as drawbacks by several customers.

Despite the mixed feedback, some users have found the washer to work well after overcoming initial challenges. It’s worth noting that the HTW240ASKWS is priced reasonably, which may appeal to budget-conscious buyers.

Ultimately, the HTW240ASKWS 27″ Top Load Washer offers a spacious capacity and versatile wash cycles, but it may require some adjustments to achieve optimal performance. Potential buyers should consider the reported delivery issues and operational quirks before making a purchase decision.

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