Kidrobot Ghost Face 8 Inch Phunny Plush Review

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The Kidrobot Ghost Face 8 Inch Phunny Plush is a must-have for any fan of the Scream franchise or horror enthusiasts. This plush version of the classic horror icon stands at 8 inches tall and is officially licensed, making it a perfect addition to any horror collection.


  • Adorable and super soft
  • Perfect size for display or cuddling
  • Great gift for horror fans
  • Well-made and detailed
  • Glittery and cute


  • Hood may not stay on securely
  • Price could be more budget-friendly

Many customers have expressed their love for this plush, praising its cuteness and softness. One customer mentioned that it’s a perfect size for display, while another highlighted that it’s a great companion for their Ghost Face collection. However, a minor drawback noted by some customers is that the hood doesn’t stay on securely. Additionally, a few customers felt that the price could be more affordable.

Overall, the Kidrobot Ghost Face 8 Inch Phunny Plush is a delightful addition to any horror fan’s collection. Its adorable design, softness, and attention to detail make it a charming and glittery representation of the iconic horror character. Whether for display or cuddling, this plush is sure to bring joy to fans of the Scream franchise and horror enthusiasts alike.

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