NOCO Snap-Top HM318BKS Battery Box Review

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The NOCO Snap-Top HM318BKS Battery Box is a versatile and reliable solution for marine, automotive, RV, boat, camper, and travel trailer batteries. This battery box has received high praise from customers for its quality, functionality, and value for money.

Features and Benefits:

The NOCO Snap-Top HM318BKS Battery Box is designed to accommodate Group 24-31 12V batteries, offering a universal fit for various battery types. The product dimensions of 14 x 7.1 x 9.6 inches and an item weight of 2.7 pounds make it a convenient and portable option for battery storage.

Customers have appreciated the inclusion of straps and dividers with the battery box, providing added security and organization for their batteries. The ample space on top allows for easy connection of accessories to the battery, enhancing its usability.

One of the standout features of this battery box is the exceptional customer service provided by NOCO. Customers have lauded the company for going above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction, highlighting the importance of reliable customer support.


  • Universal fit for Group 24-31 12V batteries
  • Comes with straps and dividers for added security and organization
  • Ample space on top for accessory connection
  • Outstanding customer service from NOCO


Some customers have noted that the battery box is not completely waterproof, as it features open vent ports on the top lid. However, this can be addressed by sealing the vent holes for outdoor use.

Final Verdict:

The NOCO Snap-Top HM318BKS Battery Box stands out as a reliable and cost-effective solution for battery storage needs. Its universal fit, included accessories, and exceptional customer service make it a top choice for customers seeking a dependable battery box. While minor modifications may be required for outdoor use, the overall quality and functionality of the product make it a worthwhile investment.

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