One Dozen Bouquet of Assorted review

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One Dozen Bouquet of Assorted Wooden Roses is a charming and long-lasting alternative to traditional fresh flowers. These wooden roses are a delightful decorative item suitable for various occasions, and they offer several benefits.


  • The roses are delicate and beautiful, resembling the look of fresh flowers without the cost.
  • They come in multiple colors, adding a vibrant and colorful touch to any space.
  • The lightweight wood petals are shaped to form buds, giving a realistic appearance.
  • The stems are flexible and easy to shape, allowing for versatile arrangements in different vase sizes.
  • These wooden roses are long-lasting and make for a thoughtful and enduring gift.


  • Some customers noted excessive glue on the roses, affecting the overall appearance.
  • A few buyers received the product with some roses broken due to inadequate packaging.
  • While the roses are beautiful, they are fragile, and a few petals may come off easily.

Despite some minor drawbacks, the One Dozen Bouquet of Assorted Wooden Roses offers a cost-effective and charming alternative to traditional flowers. The realistic appearance, vibrant colors, and long-lasting nature make them a delightful addition to any space. With careful handling, these wooden roses can bring joy and beauty for an extended period, making them a worthwhile purchase for various occasions.

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