Silent Basketball, Quiet Basketball Indoor, Uncoated High-Density Foam Ball Review

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Are you looking for a basketball that won’t disturb the peace indoors? The Silent Basketball, Quiet Basketball Indoor, Uncoated High-Density Foam Ball might just be the solution. This innovative foam basketball is designed to provide a noiseless playing experience while maintaining the fun and excitement of the game.


  • Silent Design: The foam basketball features a unique construction with countless tiny holes that absorb sound, making it significantly quieter than traditional basketballs.
  • Safe & Environmentally Friendly: Made from environmentally friendly polyurethane with one-piece injection molding, this foam ball is 100% foam, ensuring consistent roundness, density, and bounce height.
  • High-Resilience: The new foaming technology and one-piece molding provide improved elasticity, allowing the ball to withstand strong pressure and bounce back quickly.
  • Lightweight & Impact Resistant: The foam construction makes the ball very light and impact resistant, ensuring it won’t cause damage during play.
  • Perfect Gift: Ideal for gift bag gifts, carnival prizes, treasure chest prizes, and Christmas gifts, this foam basketball adds fun to any occasion.


  • Provides a noiseless playing experience
  • Safe and environmentally friendly materials
  • High-resilience and impact-resistant
  • Lightweight and easy to grip
  • Perfect for gifting


  • Some users reported issues with the ball’s bounce and durability
  • Long shipping times for some customers
  • Size may be smaller than expected

Customer Reviews:

While some customers appreciated the noiseless feature and the safety of the foam ball, others expressed concerns about the ball’s bounce and durability. Additionally, a few customers experienced longer shipping times. However, many users found the ball to be a great indoor alternative to traditional basketballs, providing a fun and quiet playing experience.

Overall, the Silent Basketball, Quiet Basketball Indoor, Uncoated High-Density Foam Ball offers a unique solution for indoor basketball play, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a quieter and safer alternative. If you’re looking for a foam basketball that provides a noiseless experience and is suitable for indoor play, this product could be the perfect fit.

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