State Fair Spiedie Marinade Sauce Review

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State Fair Spiedie Marinade Sauce is a delightful taste of upstate New York that brings back nostalgic memories of family cookouts and fairground flavors. This marinade, available in a 16 fluid ounce bottle, has garnered a loyal following for its ability to infuse meats with a unique and delicious taste.


  • Brings back nostalgic memories of family cookouts
  • Delicious taste that infuses meats with a unique flavor
  • No added sugar
  • Convenient 16 fl oz bottle size


  • Some users received a single bottle instead of the expected pack of 6
  • Quality control issues reported by a few customers
  • Price may be considered high by some

Many customers have expressed their joy at finding this marinade on Amazon, as it has been a family favorite for years. The versatility of the marinade is highlighted, with users marinating chicken and grilling it to perfection. The absence of added sugar is a plus for health-conscious consumers.

However, there have been reports of quality control issues, such as receiving a single bottle instead of the expected pack of 6. Some customers also found dirt under the cap, which is a cause for concern. Additionally, a few users felt that the price was on the higher side.

Despite these drawbacks, the marinade’s ability to evoke the flavors of a traditional upstate NY spiedie is evident in the reviews. Customers have shared their experiences of using the marinade with chicken and pork, emphasizing the delicious results when grilled. The aroma and taste of the marinade have been likened to the charcoal pit-cooked chicken found at fairs and firehouse cookouts.

In conclusion, State Fair Spiedie Marinade Sauce offers a taste of nostalgia and a unique flavor profile that many customers cherish. While there have been some quality control and pricing concerns, the overall sentiment is one of satisfaction and delight at being able to enjoy this upstate NY favorite.

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