TSA Approved Tactical Gun Case Lock Review

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The TSA Approved Tactical Gun Case Lock by Cedar Mill Fine Firearms is a reliable and durable security solution for your firearms and valuables. This heavy-duty lock is designed to provide maximum protection while offering convenience and ease of use.

Features and Benefits:

Heavy-Duty and Customizable:

The lock is constructed with high-quality alloys, making it durable and rustproof. It features a heavy-duty rubber sleeve and cut-resistant MonoShaft, ensuring the security of your belongings during travel or storage. The customizable three-dial combination code offers easy configuration for added security.

Perfect Fit for Gun Cases:

This lightweight padlock is specifically designed to fit all Cedar Mill Fine Firearms Cases, providing excellent security and peace of mind. The lock’s dimensions make it a perfect fit for various gun cases, ensuring a secure and snug closure.

Travel with Ease:

Designed to be portable and flexible, this TSA-approved gun lock is suitable for all firearm travelers. It is airline-compliant with a travel sentry red diamond logo, allowing security personnel to inspect the case during air travel. This lock ensures that your firearms can be transported safely over land, sea, or air.

Security and Deterrence:

Whether used indoors, at the range, or during travel, this tactical gun case lock provides a strong deterrent against theft. It can be easily installed on most hard cases, gun safes, suitcases, and lockers, enhancing security and deterring opportunistic thieves.

Quality Construction:

Cedar Mill Fine Firearms prides itself on constructing high-quality, durable products. The lock is built to last for decades, providing lifelong protection for your valuables. In the rare event of dissatisfaction, the company offers excellent customer service to ensure customer satisfaction.


  • Sturdy and low profile
  • Smooth operation of combination dials
  • TSA key access for added security
  • Protective rubber cover available in different colors
  • Easy-to-configure three-dial combination code
  • Airline-compliant for travel
  • Deters opportunistic thieves
  • Excellent customer service


  • Rubber link may get torn during travel
  • May not fit all gun case designs

Overall, the TSA Approved Tactical Gun Case Lock by Cedar Mill Fine Firearms is a reliable and versatile security solution for gun owners and travelers. Its durable construction, ease of use, and added security features make it a valuable investment for protecting your firearms and valuables.

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