Watts 009-QT 1 inch Reduced Pressure Zone Backflow Preventers review

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The Watts 009-QT 1 inch Reduced Pressure Zone Backflow Preventers is a crucial component for the protection of health hazard cross-connections. It offers a maximum working pressure of 175psi and is designed for containment at the service line entrance. The product features replaceable check seats with an intermediate relief valve and ball valve test cocks.

Customers have shared their experiences with the product, highlighting both its strengths and weaknesses. One customer mentioned that they initially struggled with a leak and found the repair parts to be costly. However, opting for a whole replacement turned out to be a successful and easy solution, albeit slightly more expensive. They also emphasized the helpfulness of instructional videos provided by Watts for self-installation.

Another customer expressed satisfaction with the product, stating that it was exactly as advertised and arrived promptly, making it a great deal. They appreciated the ease of installation and the cost-effectiveness compared to local stores.

However, a few customers raised concerns about the durability of certain components, noting the need for early replacement of relief valves and gaskets. They found the pricing of repair kits to be unreasonably high, particularly for small o-rings and gaskets.

In summary, the Watts 009-QT 1 inch Reduced Pressure Zone Backflow Preventers offers a reliable solution for protecting against cross-connections. It is relatively easy to install and provides cost savings compared to local stores. However, some customers have experienced issues with the durability of certain parts, leading to the need for premature replacements.

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