Adult Bleeding Ghost Face Costume Review

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The Adult Bleeding Ghost Face Costume is a spooky and authentic costume from The Scream and Scary Movie series, manufactured by Fun World. The complete costume includes a hooded robe, bleeding face mask, belt, two gloves, and a heart-shaped pump with fake blood. The costume is available in a standard size and is designed to provide a chilling and realistic look for Halloween or themed parties.

Based on customer feedback, the costume has received both positive and negative reviews. Let’s start with the pros. Many customers found that the costume fits true to size and is of good quality. It held up well through a full birthday party, allowing the wearer to move comfortably. The fake blood running through the mask added an extra creepy touch, enhancing the overall effect of the costume.

One working mom expressed her relief at finding this costume on time for her son, who was thrilled with the outfit. The mask was easy to use and effectively creepy, meeting their expectations. Another customer mentioned that despite the costume being a bit big for their 11-year-old, they were able to adjust it with a belt and some clever folding, making it work perfectly.

However, there are some drawbacks to consider. A few customers reported issues with the bleeding face mask. Some experienced leakage of the fake blood upon arrival, which led to disappointment and the need for makeshift solutions. Others mentioned that the costume did not come with the expected bleeding face mask, causing disappointment, especially for the young wearer.

In conclusion, the Adult Bleeding Ghost Face Costume offers a genuinely eerie and authentic look for Halloween or themed events. It provides a comfortable fit and is made of good quality materials. However, there have been instances of issues with the bleeding face mask, including leakage and missing components. Potential buyers should be aware of these drawbacks and consider ordering well in advance to address any quality control concerns.

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