Automotive, Marine, Boat, RV Battery Tray Review

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The Automotive, Marine, Boat, RV Battery Tray is a reliable and durable solution for securing your 24 series batteries. Constructed from high-impact, heavy polypropylene plastic, this battery tray ensures the safety and secure mounting of your battery, limiting movement with its included battery strap. It accommodates 24 series batteries up to 7″ x 11″ and comes with a safety strap and buckle. With 8 mounting points (4 per long length), it provides a sturdy and stable base for your battery.


  • High-impact, heavy polypropylene plastic construction
  • Securely mounts and limits battery movement
  • Accommodates 24 series batteries up to 7″ x 11″
  • Comes with safety strap and buckle
  • 8 mounting points for stability


Some users have reported that it may not securely hold a #24 deep-cycle battery in place, causing it to slide around.

Despite this, the majority of customers have praised the product for its quality construction and durability. One customer mentioned that it is one of the highest quality battery trays they have ever purchased, emphasizing its durable, flexible, and high-quality construction. They were impressed by the manufacturer’s commitment to producing a well-built product, highlighting its rarity in today’s market flooded with overpriced, low-quality items.

In conclusion, the Automotive, Marine, Boat, RV Battery Tray is a solid investment for those seeking a reliable and durable battery tray. Its sturdy construction, secure mounting, and accommodating design make it a worthwhile purchase for anyone in need of a dependable battery tray.

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