Blue Orange Games What’s That Sound? Review

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Blue Orange Games What’s That Sound? A Sound-Mimicking Party Game for Kids and Adults of All Ages is an absolute blast! This noise-making, sound-guessing party game is a hit with both kids and adults, providing endless laughter and entertainment.

The game’s concept is simple yet incredibly fun. Players take turns mimicking various sound effects depicted on the cards, and the other players race to slap the card that matches the sound. The unpredictability of the sound-making adds an element of excitement and hilarity to the game, making it a fantastic way to connect with family and friends.


  • Brings laughter and fun for the whole family
  • Unpredictable and entertaining sound-making
  • Simple concept that is easy to understand and play
  • Great way to connect with family and friends


  • May not be suitable for individuals who are sensitive to loud noises
  • Some players may find it challenging to mimic certain sounds

My personal experience with Blue Orange Games What’s That Sound? has been nothing short of delightful. Playing a few rounds with family and friends resulted in non-stop laughter and joy. The game is a perfect icebreaker and is guaranteed to create lasting memories.

Whether you’re doing your best impression of a blow dryer, maracas, or any other sound, this game is an absolute winner. It’s a must-have for game nights, gatherings, or simply when you want to have a good time with loved ones.

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