Cry Baby Extra Sour Bubble Gum 240ct. Tub, 38oz review

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Are you a fan of sour candy? If so, the Cry Baby Extra Sour Bubble Gum 240ct. Tub is a must-try. This review will cover the features, benefits, and minor drawbacks of this product to help you make an informed decision.


  • 240 individually wrapped sour bubble gum pieces
  • Comes in a 38oz tub
  • Gluten-free and kosher
  • Assorted colors and flavors
  • Perfect for occasions like New Year and birthdays


The Cry Baby Extra Sour Bubble Gum offers a nostalgic taste that reminds many customers of old-school bubble gum. The outstanding flavor has been a hit with both kids and adults. The individual wrapping makes it convenient to carry a few pieces on the go without any hassle. Additionally, the large quantity ensures that you’ll have enough to satisfy your sour gum cravings for weeks or even months.


  • Outstanding flavor with the right balance of sourness and sweetness
  • Convenient individual wrapping for on-the-go enjoyment
  • Large quantity provides long-lasting supply
  • Assorted colors and flavors add variety
  • Fresh and well-packaged


  • The gum may lose its flavor relatively quickly
  • The material is a bit hard, which may affect the duration of enjoyment

Customer Feedback:

Customers have praised the outstanding flavor and convenience of the individually wrapped gum pieces. Many have highlighted the nostalgic taste and the perfect balance of sourness and sweetness. However, some have noted that the gum may lose its flavor quickly and that the material is a bit hard.

Final Verdict:

Overall, the Cry Baby Extra Sour Bubble Gum 240ct. Tub is a fantastic choice for sour candy enthusiasts. The outstanding flavor, convenient packaging, and large quantity make it a worthwhile purchase. While the gum may lose its flavor relatively quickly and the material could be softer, the pros certainly outweigh the cons. If you’re a fan of sour gum, this product is definitely worth trying.

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