Developlus Color Oops Color Remover (extra Strength) review

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Developlus Color Oops Color Remover (extra Strength) is a hair color remover that has garnered mixed reviews from users. Let’s delve into the features, benefits, and drawbacks of this product to provide valuable insights to potential buyers.


  • Removes Permanent Hair Color
  • Ammonia and Bleach Free
  • Most Effective Way to Reverse an Undesirable Hair Color Application
  • Takes Your Hair Back to Your Last Chemical Process
  • Recolor the Same Day


  • Effective in removing permanent hair dye
  • Allows immediate application of toner or dye after use
  • Helps in achieving a clean slate for predictable and even hair color
  • Works well on fresh color
  • Lightens and brightens color-saturated hair


  • Strong, unpleasant smell that lingers
  • May leave hair feeling slightly damaged or fragile
  • Requires extensive rinsing, which can be time-consuming
  • May not work as effectively on hair with years of color build-up
  • Some users experienced hair tangling and dryness

Based on customer feedback, the product has shown effectiveness in removing permanent hair dye, allowing immediate recoloring. However, the strong, lingering smell and the potential for hair damage are notable drawbacks. Users with extensive color build-up may not achieve the desired results, and the rinsing process can be time-consuming.

It’s important to note that individual experiences with the product vary, with some users achieving successful color correction while others encountered challenges such as hair tangling and dryness. The effectiveness of the product may depend on factors such as hair type, previous color treatments, and adherence to the application instructions.

Ultimately, while Developlus Color Oops Color Remover (extra Strength) offers a potential solution for color correction, it’s essential for buyers to consider their specific hair needs and the potential trade-offs involved in using the product.

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