Door Scratch Protector Review

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Door Scratch Protector, Protect Your Door, Furniture and Wall with Clear Premium Heavy Duty Door Cover Scratch Shield, Large Vinyl Door Guard for Dog Scratching is a valuable investment for pet owners looking to protect their furniture and doors from pet scratches. The product is designed with industrial-grade thick vinyl and pressure-sensitive adhesive backing, providing durable protection against aggressive scratching.


  • The industrial-grade thick vinyl provides durable protection against aggressive scratching, making it suitable for households with pets.
  • The product is flexible and can be easily cut to size, allowing for customization to fit various furniture and door sizes.
  • It offers invisible protection, blending well with furniture and remaining unnoticeable.
  • Easy to install with self-adhesive backing, eliminating the need for sophisticated tools.
  • Maximizes protection of furniture, including door frames, wood, screens, and car door panels.


  • Some customers reported issues with the quality of the larger roll, including bubbles and dirt, which affected the overall experience.
  • Installation can be challenging due to the lack of backing on the tape, leading to potential wrinkling and paint damage upon removal.
  • Removing the product can be difficult and may result in damage to the surface it was applied to.

Despite some quality and installation challenges, the Door Scratch Protector offers effective protection against pet scratches, making it a worthwhile purchase for pet owners. The product’s durability, flexibility, and invisible design make it a practical solution for safeguarding furniture and doors from unwanted damage. Potential buyers should consider the size and installation process to ensure a seamless experience with this product.

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