EMAX SKALA Hair Type 3ABC – Yellow Bottle – Hydrate Curls Review

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The EMAX SKALA Hair Type 3ABC – Yellow Bottle – Hydrate Curls is a game-changer for curly hair care. This 2-in-1 conditioning treatment and cream to comb is a must-have for anyone looking to hydrate curls and eliminate frizz. The product comes in an extra-large size, offering great value for money.


  • Hydrates curls and eliminates frizz
  • Extra-large size offers great value for money
  • Leaves hair feeling soft, shiny, and bouncy
  • Long-lasting – a little goes a long way
  • Can be used as a leave-in or deep conditioner
  • Defines curls without leaving them crunchy
  • Mild and pleasant scent


  • May feel a bit heavy for thinner curly hair
  • Some users experienced leakage upon delivery

Based on customer feedback, the SKALA Hair Type 3ABC – Yellow Bottle has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Users have reported that the product leaves their hair feeling full, shiny, and light, without any crunchy ends. The extra-large size provides great value for money, as a little goes a long way, making the product last for months.

Many users have praised the product for its ability to hydrate curls, eliminate frizz, and define curls without leaving them crunchy. The mild and pleasant scent has also been appreciated by customers.

However, some users with thinner curly hair have found the product to be a bit heavy, especially in between washes after a few days. Additionally, a few customers experienced leakage upon delivery, although this seems to be an isolated issue.

In conclusion, the EMAX SKALA Hair Type 3ABC – Yellow Bottle – Hydrate Curls is a highly recommended product for those with curly hair looking for hydration, frizz elimination, and curl definition. Its extra-large size, value for money, and impressive results make it a worthwhile investment for curly hair care.

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