How Long Will The Ebt System Be Down

Temporary EBT System Outages Scheduled for Upgrades and Maintenance

The Department of Human Services (DHS) has announced planned, temporary Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) outages for SNAP recipients. The outages are scheduled to take place on October 12 and October 14 between 3-9 a.m. These service interruptions are necessary as the DHS’s EBT contractor, Conduent, will be conducting system upgrades to enhance client services.

During the brief outages, all EBT services will be impacted, including point-of-sale EBT transaction processing, SNAP online shopping transactions, and other web services. EBT users will not be able to complete transactions during these specified times. For EBT balance and transaction inquiries, individuals can contact Conduent at 888-328-7366. Additionally, applications for public assistance programs can be submitted online.

Michigan’s EBT Systems Maintenance Shutdown

In a similar vein, Michigan’s EBT systems are also set to undergo temporary maintenance. The maintenance window is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon from 1:30-1:45 p.m. During this time, EBT systems will be unavailable, and transactions will not be processed, as per the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

EBT customers who encounter a failed message while attempting transactions are advised to retry after 1:45 p.m. to ensure successful processing of their requests.

Anticipated Duration of EBT System Downtime

Given the scheduled maintenance and upgrades to the EBT systems in both Pennsylvania and Michigan, users may wonder about the duration of these outages and the impact on their ability to access benefits. The DHS and Conduent are working diligently to minimize disruptions and complete the necessary improvements within the specified time frames.

While the exact duration of the EBT system downtime may vary, it is crucial for users to plan ahead and make any necessary purchases or transactions outside of the maintenance windows to avoid any inconvenience.

Preparing for EBT System Outages

As SNAP recipients and EBT users prepare for the upcoming system outages, it is essential to take proactive steps to mitigate any potential challenges. Here are some tips to help you navigate the temporary downtime:

  • Plan your grocery shopping and essential purchases around the outage schedule to ensure you have an adequate supply of food and other necessities during the maintenance period.
  • Check your EBT balance and make any urgent transactions before the scheduled maintenance window to avoid any disruptions in accessing your benefits.
  • Stay informed about updates from the DHS and Conduent regarding the EBT system outages to know when services will be restored and fully operational.


1. How long will the EBT system be down during the scheduled outages?

The EBT system downtime is expected to occur between 3-9 a.m. on October 12 and October 14 in Pennsylvania. In Michigan, the maintenance window is set for 1:30-1:45 p.m.

2. Can EBT users still access their account balances during the outages?

EBT users can contact Conduent at 888-328-7366 for balance and transaction inquiries during the scheduled maintenance periods.

3. What should EBT customers do if they encounter transaction failures during the maintenance window?

If EBT customers receive a failed message while attempting transactions, they are advised to retry after the specified outage period to complete their transactions successfully.

4. Are there alternative ways to access benefits during the EBT system outages?

While EBT services will be temporarily unavailable during the maintenance windows, users can plan ahead by ensuring they have sufficient supplies and making any urgent purchases before the scheduled outages.

5. How can EBT users stay updated on the status of the system outages?

EBT users can stay informed about the EBT system outages by checking for updates from the DHS and Conduent regarding the maintenance schedule and restoration of services.

6. Will the system upgrades and maintenance improve EBT services for users in the long run?

Yes, the system upgrades and maintenance are aimed at enhancing client services and improving the overall efficiency of the EBT systems, ensuring a better user experience for SNAP recipients and EBT users.

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