How Many Kids Does Jill Duggar Have

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Welcome Their Third Child

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard recently welcomed their third child, a baby boy named Frederick Michael Dillard. The couple announced the arrival of their son on July 7, after previously experiencing a miscarriage. Frederick was born a little earlier than expected, on the day before his big brother Samuel’s birthday. Both Jill, 30, and the baby are reported to be healthy, and the family is looking forward to bringing him home from the hospital soon.

In a heartfelt post on their blog, Jill and Derick shared the special meaning behind their son’s name. Frederick was chosen as a nod to Derick and his father, with “Fre” added to the front of Derick’s name. Similarly, Derick’s name is a variation of his late father’s name, Rick. The couple expressed their excitement in settling on the name Frederick, incorporating both Derick’s and his father’s names into their son’s name.

The Duggar-Dillard Family

The Duggar-Dillard family now consists of Jill and Derick’s three sons: Israel, 8, Samuel, 5, and the newest addition, Frederick, who is 11 months old. The couple has been sharing glimpses of their family life on social media, including their recent post featuring their sons’ achievements in swim lessons. The children’s identities are kept private by not showing their faces on social media.

Jill shared photos of her sons at Goldfish Swim School, where they have been taking lessons. The post highlighted the boys’ progress in their swim classes, with Samuel moving up to Glider 2 and Israel advancing to Swim Force. Baby Frederick was also pictured in the pool, working on his swimming skills with his father.

Family Updates and Adventures

Aside from their expanding family, Jill and Derick have been going through some changes, including moving out of their Arkansas home due to a new job opportunity that Derick accepted. The couple expressed mixed emotions about leaving their first home but looked forward to new adventures in their future.

Jill also recently shared photos from a date night with Derick, featuring sushi and a pampering session. The couple enjoyed quality time together, with their 10-month-old son Freddy joining them for the outing. The post showcased their special moments as a family, expressing gratitude for the love and support they receive.

Exploring the Duggar Family Tree

The Duggar family rose to fame through their reality TV shows, starting with “14 Children and Pregnant Again” in 2004. Over the years, the family’s adventures, courtships, and expansions were documented on shows like “19 Kids and Counting” and “Counting On.” Led by parents Jim Bob and Michelle, the Duggar family now includes 19 kids, 11 sons- and daughters-in-law, and nearly 30 grandchildren.

As the eldest Duggar children grow up, get married, and start families of their own, it can be challenging to keep track of everyone. From Josh and Anna to Joy-Anna and Austin, the Duggar family tree has seen marriages, births, and other significant milestones. Each child has their own unique journey, from Jill’s decision to step away from the spotlight to Jessa’s growing family and Jinger’s exploration of her faith and upbringing.


1. How many kids does Jill Duggar have?

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have three children: Israel, Samuel, and Frederick.

2. What is the special meaning behind Frederick’s name?

Frederick was chosen as a nod to Derick and his father, with “Fre” added to the front of Derick’s name. The name holds significance for the Duggar-Dillard family.

3. Why did Jill and Derick move out of their Arkansas home?

The couple moved due to a new job opportunity that Derick accepted. They expressed excitement for new adventures in their future.

4. How do Jill and Derick keep their children’s identities private on social media?

Jill and Derick do not post photos showing their children’s faces on social media to maintain their privacy.

5. What recent family milestones have Jill and Derick shared?

Jill and Derick recently welcomed their third child, Frederick, and have been documenting their family adventures, including swim lessons and date nights, on social media.

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