How Much Does Farmers Dog Cost

How Much Does The Farmer’s Dog Really Cost?

In our judgment, the Farmer’s Dog is one of the most interesting new dog food companies to spring up over the past ten years. You may remember the New York startup from the tearjerker commercial it ran during last year’s Super Bowl. The company sells what it calls “fresh food” diets. They aren’t raw, they’re cooked. But they also aren’t kibble. In extruded kibbles (like Ketona), the little nubbins of food are dehydrated after cooking. Whereas products like the Farmer’s Dog food are not – meaning they still contain most of the water present in their ingredients at the end of production. This means that the diets sold by the Farmer’s Dog are typically about 75% water, whereas most extruded kibble products are only about 10%.

This article is one of several that we’re writing about the Farmer’s Dog over the course of this month. Here we are focused on a topic that we get asked about all the time and that usually doesn’t require a long-form article to explain: “Just how much does this stuff cost?”

For most pet food products (and for most consumer products full-stop), you don’t need to be an expert to answer this question. Because most consumer products advertise their prices pretty clearly—after all, a product’s price is a pretty important factor when consumers are deciding whether or not to buy it.

But Farmer’s Dog food is different. For some reason (and we’ll offer a few theories below), the company makes it incredibly difficult to understand how much it will actually cost you. They won’t show you any pricing information whatsoever until you’ve given them your email address and completed a detailed questionnaire about your dog(s). And even then, prices are displayed on a per-day basis, making them hard to compare with other premium dog foods. And (as of July of 2023), they also use a bit of deception and misdirection in order to make their prices appear somewhat lower than they are in reality.

Take all this together and you can see why dog owners find it so difficult to determine the cost of the Farmer’s Dog. According to Google, about 25,000 consumers ask the search engine “How much does the Farmer’s Dog cost?” every month. That’s about 25 times as many people as are asking the same question about Orijen, Blue Buffalo, and Natural Balance combined. And each of those three brands is at least dozens of times larger than the Farmer’s Dog. So clearly something’s up.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. In this post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about how much the Farmer’s Dog costs. We’ll tell you the raw numbers behind what it costs to feed your dog, make some comparisons to other popular products, and (because as you’ll see,

Why Consider Fresh Dog Food?

Feeding your dog high-quality, fresh food is one of the best ways to keep your furry friend as healthy as possible throughout her lifetime. Fresh dog chow contains real, whole-food ingredients, like premium meats, vegetables, and fruits. Unlike heavily processed kibble, fresh dog food is lightly cooked to preserve nutrients and freshness.

Fresh meals are a tasty alternative to kibble and a fantastic choice for picky eaters. But they also provide your pup with the ideal nutrition for whole-body wellness and the energy they need to thrive. Benefits include everything from a stronger immune system and improved digestion to heart, brain, eye, skin, and coat health, and much more.

Why not just prepare homemade dog food? Feeding your pup fresh dog food from brands like The Farmer’s Dog is a much healthier choice than most homemade diets. Because these brands’ recipes are formulated by animal nutritionists, they contain the ideal ingredients and level of nutrients our pups require.

Making homemade dog food is time-consuming and extremely difficult to ensure your canine companion is getting the appropriate nutrition. Too much or not enough of any nutrient can lead to obesity, malnutrition, serious illnesses, and even life-threatening problems. But with The Farmer’s Dog, you can rest assured your dog is getting the best diet possible.

The Farmer’s Dog Food Cost

The Farmer’s Dog price starts at around $2 per day. Your exact plan and price options depend on your dog’s specific needs and your recipe choices. The Farmer’s Dog works closely with vet nutritionists to determine the optimal calorie needs for different breeds, sizes, weights, ages, body conditions, activity levels, and metabolic rates. The dog profile you fill out on their website gives them all the information they need to personalize your pup’s food and portions.

How Much Is The Farmer’s Dog Per Week & Per Month?

We ran quotes on The Farmer’s Dog website for several different dogs to give you a rough idea of their pricing. However, we recommend you get a quote so you’ll know exactly what The Farmer’s Dog price is for your unique pup. The profile quiz takes less than five minutes to complete, and you’re not required to make any payment or other commitment to see your quote.

Each quote below (as of August 2023) is for three-year-old, moderately active dogs at a healthy weight with no health problems. We chose to represent a few of the most popular breeds in the U.S. This chart reflects pricing for their beef recipe, which is their least expensive option. Pork, chicken, and turkey recipes are slightly more expensive.

Full Meal Plan Cost

Dog ProfilePrice Per WeekPrice Per MonthYorkshire Terrier (6 lbs)$18.95$75.80French Bulldog (20 lbs)$31.07$124.28Mixed-Breed (34 lbs)$40.33$161.32Australian Shepherd (50 lbs)$50.82$203.28Labrador Retriever (69 lbs)$56.70$226.80Rottweiler (98 lbs)$89.50$358.00Great Dane (122 lbs)$111.05$444.20

Topper Plan Cost

After your initial two-week trial box, you have other options for topper plans depending on the size of your furry friend. This is a fantastic alternative if you simply can’t swing the cost of the full plan, Mixing in fresh food with your dog’s existing chow is still an excellent way to give her the health benefits of fresh food. For medium-sized dogs, your options are ½ or ¼ portions, and for large dogs, you have the option of ½, ¼, or ⅛ portions.

Topper Plan Costs25-lb French Bulldog55-lb Golden RetrieverFull plan$33.10$56.70 ½ portion cost/week$24.36$32.76¼ portion cost/week$17.40$21.00⅛ portion cost/weekN/A$17.57

The Farmer’s Dog Coupon

Our readers have access to 50% off your first box. No code needed; just use this link and the discount will be applied! You can also visit our dedicated The Farmer’s Dog coupons page.

Is The Farmer’s Dog Food Cost Worth It?

Yes, fresh dog food is expensive, but we think it’s definitely worth the cost. And compared to many fresh-frozen brands, like Nom Nom and A Pup Above, The Farmer’s Dog is more affordably priced. If you can fit TFD into your budget, the health benefits for your pup far surpass saving a few bucks. See our full review of The Farmer’s Dog to learn more about their recipes and for our first-hand experience with our own pups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just a few questions pup owners often have when considering The Farmer’s Dog.

Are There Any Other Fees?

No, what you see is what you get with The Farmer’s Dog. There are no additional charges for signing up, shipping, or mixing recipes in your orders. The Farmer’s Dog allows you to choose up to three recipes in each shipment.

When Will I Be Billed?

After your initial purchase, The Farmer’s Dog establishes automatic billing and shipping. Billing occurs when they process your next automatic delivery, which is a few days before the box ships. In general, delivery options range from every week to every two months. If you have enough freezer space, setting up less frequent deliveries is an excellent way to cut down on packaging waste.

Once I Sign Up, Is My Subscription Flexible?

Yes, flexibility is one of the many benefits of The Farmer’s Dog. After your first purchase, all you have to do is go into your account via their website to make any changes you want. You can adjust your recipe choices, the amount of food in each delivery, and the delivery frequency. You can also delay, rush, pause, or cancel any time before they process your next shipment.

How Do I Store The Food?

Because their food is fresh without any preservatives, you’ll need to store your food in the refrigerator or freezer once you receive it. (Food is shipped frozen in boxes with dry ice and insulation.) Their food packets can last as long as four months in your freezer. However, once it’s thawed and in the fridge, you’ll need to use it within four days. Your box will include an easy guide on how to store and feed the food properly.

Alternatives To The Farmer’s Dog

While The Farmer’s Dog is our favorite fresh dog food brand that personalizes your pup’s food, it’s by no means your only option for fresh dog food. See how TFD compares to other brands in our reviews of the best fresh dog food brands. But if you’re still not sure fresh food fits in with your budget, we have plenty of other recommendations for premium, all-natural dog food. Our reviews of the best dog food delivery services also include shelf-stable dehydrated dog food, premium kibble, and more.

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