How Old Is Andy Reid’S Wife

Andy Reid’s Wife: Tammy Reid

Andy Reid, the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, is not just about football but also about family and faith. His wife, Tammy, has been by his side for over four decades, supporting him through his entire professional coaching career. Let’s delve into the life of Tammy Reid and learn more about her journey with Andy.

Meeting at Brigham Young University

Andy and Tammy first met at Brigham Young University, where they were both students. Their love story began in college when they enrolled in the same tennis class. Despite Andy’s initial reluctance to ask her out, Tammy’s persistence paid off, and they went on their first date playing racquetball. Their relationship blossomed, leading to their marriage in 1981.

Andy’s Conversion to Mormonism

Prior to proposing to Tammy, Andy converted to Mormonism at the suggestion of Tammy’s father. This decision showcased Andy’s commitment to their relationship and set the foundation for their future together. Their shared faith has been a guiding force in their marriage and family life.

Family and Tragedy

Andy and Tammy have five children together, each born in different states due to Andy’s coaching career. However, their family faced a tragic loss in 2012 when their son Garrett passed away from a heroin overdose. Despite this heartbreaking event, Andy and Tammy have remained united, supporting each other through the good times and the bad.

Philanthropic Endeavors

Tammy has been actively involved in philanthropy and volunteer work, particularly focusing on supporting victims of domestic violence. Her dedication to helping others and making a positive impact in the community has been a cornerstone of her life outside of being a coach’s wife.

Supporting Andy’s Career

Throughout Andy’s coaching journey, Tammy has been his biggest supporter, standing by him during his successes and challenges. Her unwavering support and love have been instrumental in Andy’s career, showcasing the strength of their partnership.

Quilt Collection and Personal Interests

Aside from her philanthropic work, Tammy has a passion for collecting quilts, with a collection of over 150 pieces. Her love for quilts has even led to a book featuring her collection, highlighting her appreciation for these intricate pieces of art.


Q. How old is Tammy Reid?

A. Tammy Reid is 64 years old, born on Nov. 6, 1959.

Q. How many Kids do Andy and Tammy Reid have?

A. Andy and Tammy Reid have five children together.

Q. What is the annual salary of Andy Reid?

A. Andy Reid’s annual salary is approximately $12 million.

Q. Why did the Eagles release Andy Reid?

A. The Eagles released Andy Reid due to the team’s failure to win the Super Bowl during his tenure as head coach.

Q. How many Super Bowls has Andy Reid won?

A. Andy Reid has won three Super Bowls, one with the Green Bay Packers and two with the Kansas City Chiefs.

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