How To Do The Blood Gang Sign

How To Do The Blood Gang Sign

Forming the word “Blood” with your fingers has become a widely recognized symbol associated with the notorious Bloods gang. Whether out of curiosity or for other reasons, creating the “Blood” sign with your fingers is not overly complex, but it does require some practice to perfect.

Step 1: Hand Positioning

Start by resting your hands on your rib cage, ensuring that your pinky touches your torso and your thumb faces upward. Keep your other fingers clenched while raising your thumb so that it points up and is parallel to your body.

Step 2: Forming the Letters

Position your middle finger to touch the middle joint of your thumb, creating the letter “B” with your index finger forming a circle and your thumb forming a straight line. Then, curl your ring finger to form the letter “O” and ensure that your pinky is tucked away.

Step 3: Practice and Caution

It may take some time to master the formation of the word “Blood” quickly. It’s important to note that using this symbol in public, especially in unfamiliar areas, can lead to serious trouble, as it is associated with gang affiliation and can provoke conflict.

Understanding the Symbol

The Bloods gang originated in Los Angeles as a rival to the Crips and has since expanded its presence across the United States, often involved in criminal activities such as the illegal sale of drugs. The “Blood” sign serves as a means for gang members to identify themselves to others within the gang.

Use Caution in Public

Given the widespread influence of the Bloods gang and the potential for violent conflicts, it is advisable to refrain from displaying the “Blood” sign in public, especially in areas where gang feuds are prevalent. It’s crucial to exercise discretion and avoid using the symbol if there are any uncertainties about local gang dynamics.

Practicing in Front of a Mirror

Since the sign is meant to be read by others, it may be helpful to practice forming the word “Blood” in front of a mirror to ensure that the letters are clearly visible and recognizable. Mastery of the sign will require consistent practice and patience.


Why the middle finger?
The middle finger is essential for forming the complete word “Blood.” Without it, the sign would represent a different word, “bood.”

Will flashing the Blood sign to a Blood gang member make me one?
Flashing the Blood sign to a gang member without affiliation is disrespectful and can pose serious risks. It should never be done without proper association with the gang.

Do I have to be double-jointed?
No, flexibility in your fingers is sufficient to form the “Blood” sign. Double-jointedness is not a requirement.

Is it safe to practice the Blood sign in public?
It is strongly advised against practicing the Blood sign in public, especially in areas with known gang activity. Doing so can lead to dangerous consequences.

Can the Blood sign be used as a joke or for entertainment?
Given its association with a notorious gang, using the Blood sign as a joke or for entertainment purposes is highly inappropriate and can be perceived as disrespectful and offensive.

What should I do if I encounter the Blood sign being used in public?
If you come across the Blood sign being displayed in public, it’s best to distance yourself from the situation and avoid any interactions that may lead to conflict or misunderstanding.

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