How To Loan A Kindle Book

How To Loan A Kindle Book

Sharing Kindle books with friends and family is a great way to spread the joy of reading. Whether you want to share a captivating novel or an informative guide, the process of loaning a Kindle book is relatively simple. In this guide, we’ll explore the steps to loan a Kindle book and discuss the pros and cons of this feature. Additionally, we’ll delve into the Family Library option for sharing Kindle books with your loved ones.

Sharing Kindle Books: The Pros

When it comes to sharing Kindle books, there are several advantages to consider:

  • Share with Anyone: Shareable Kindle books can be sent to anyone via email, allowing you to spread the joy of reading with friends and family.
  • No Kindle Needed: Recipients can read the shared book using the free Kindle app on a smartphone, tablet, or any internet browser, eliminating the need for a physical Kindle device.
  • Share from a Distance: The electronic sharing process enables you to lend a book to someone even if you’re far apart, making it convenient and cost-effective.
  • No Lost Books: After the 14-day loan period, the Kindle book is automatically returned to you, eliminating the risk of misplaced or forgotten books.
  • Lending Community: If you’re looking to borrow a Kindle book that none of your friends have purchased, there are communities where Kindle users are willing to share their books, creating a lending and borrowing network.

Sharing Kindle Books: The Cons

While sharing Kindle books offers numerous benefits, there are some limitations to be aware of:

  • Not All Books: Unfortunately, not all Kindle books are lendable, and the majority of Kindle books cannot be loaned, so it’s essential to check the product details before purchasing.
  • One Time Only: Kindle only allows you to loan a title once, and after you’ve loaned a book out, you can’t loan it out to anyone else again.
  • Short Window: The 14-day loan period restricts the time available for the recipient to read the book, and if they don’t complete the book within that timeframe, you can’t share it again.
  • No Simultaneous Reading: Once you’ve shared your book, you won’t have access to it until it is returned, either manually or automatically, preventing simultaneous reading.

How to Loan a Kindle Book

There are two primary methods for loaning a Kindle book: from the “Manage Your Content and Devices” page and from the book’s product details page. Here’s how to loan a Kindle book using these methods:

From the Manage Your Content and Devices Page:

1. Go to “Manage Your Content and Devices” on Amazon.

2. Find the book you want to share and click the button with three dots to the left of the title. If it’s lendable, you’ll see an option that says “Loan this title.”

3. Click “Loan this title” and then enter the recipient’s email address. You can also include a personal message if desired.

4. Click “Send now” to send the book to the recipient.

From the Product Detail Page:

1. Find the ebook on Amazon and click the “Loan this book” link if it’s available.

2. Enter the recipient’s email address and click “Send now” to share the book with them.

How to Return a Loaned Kindle Book

If you’ve borrowed a book from a friend, it will be automatically returned to them after 14 days. However, if you want to return the book before that date, you can do so by deleting the book from your Kindle library using the “Manage Your Content and Devices” page.

Family Library

If you’re looking to share your ebooks with a spouse, partner, trusted friend, or your children, the Family Library feature is an excellent option. Here’s how to share content using Family Library:

  • Go to “Manage Your Household” on Amazon.
  • Expand the “Manage Your Family Library” section and set the ebooks/audiobooks to “Sharing” to share them with your household.
  • To share individual content, go to “Manage Your Content and Devices,” find the book you want to share, and click “Manage Family Library” to add it to the library of a household member of your choice.


Sharing Kindle books is a fantastic way to spread the love of reading and engage in literary discussions with your loved ones. Whether you choose to loan a Kindle book to a friend or utilize the Family Library feature, sharing books electronically has never been easier. Embrace the joy of reading and share your favorite books with those who matter to you!


1. How many devices can share a Kindle book?

A Kindle book can only be shared one time, and after the book is returned to your library in 14 days, you won’t be able to share it again. However, one book can be read on several devices at once, as long as you’re logged into those devices with your Amazon account through the Kindle app.

2. Can I share a book from my Kindle directly?

Loaning is not available on the Kindle settings, but you can view and manage your family library right on your Kindle device by accessing the Household & Family Library settings.

3. What is Amazon’s Household and Family Sharing?

Amazon Household allows users to share some of their Prime benefits with their family members, including one other adult, up to four teens, and up to four children. This feature enables sharing of ebooks and other digital content among family members.

4. How can I find out if a Kindle book is lendable before purchasing it?

Books that can be loaned to others are marked as such in the Amazon Kindle Store. Look for “Lending: Enabled” under Product Details for the book to ensure that it can be loaned before making a purchase.

5. Can I accept a loaned Kindle book from a friend?

If someone loans you a Kindle book, you will receive an email from Amazon notifying you of the loan. You can then follow the instructions in the email to accept the loaned book and start reading it on your preferred device or app.

6. What are the benefits of using the Family Library feature for sharing Kindle books?

Family Library allows for unlimited sharing of Kindle books with your household members, without any restrictions on the books that can be shared or the time frames for lending. It also enables simultaneous reading of shared books by multiple family members.

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