How To Transfer Apple Pay To Cashapp

Transferring Money from Apple Pay to Cash App: A Step-by-Step Guide

For individuals who frequently use e-wallets like Cash App and Apple Pay, the process of transferring money between the two platforms may seem daunting. While direct linking between Cash App and Apple Pay is not possible, there are alternative methods to facilitate the transfer. This comprehensive guide outlines the steps involved in transferring funds from Apple Pay to Cash App, ensuring a seamless transaction process.

Step 1: Transfer Funds from Apple Pay to Your Bank Account

To initiate the transfer process, follow these steps:

  • Open the Wallet app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Tap your Apple Cash card and then select the More button
  • Choose the option to Transfer to Bank
  • Enter the desired amount for transfer and proceed
  • Select the transfer speed (1-3 Business Days for fee-free transfer)
  • Confirm the transaction using Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode

Alternatively, for urgent transfers, you can opt for instant transfer to your linked debit card, albeit incurring a fee for this service.

Step 2: Move Funds from Your Bank Account to Cash App

Once the funds have been successfully transferred to your bank account from Apple Pay, proceed with the following steps:

  • Open the Cash App and navigate to the Money tab
  • Select Add Cash and confirm the amount you wish to add
  • Tap Add and authenticate the transaction using Touch ID or PIN

It is essential to note that individuals with the Cash App card can integrate it with Apple Pay for convenient mobile spending without the need for the physical card.

Comparing Cash App and Apple Pay: Similarities and Differences

While both Cash App and Apple Pay are prominent e-wallets offering person-to-person payment capabilities, they exhibit distinct features:


  • Both platforms are free to download, with several transaction types incurring no fees
  • Users can send money domestically within the US using both Apple Pay and Cash App
  • Mobile payment functionalities are available on both platforms
  • Physical credit or debit cards can be utilized for transactions on both platforms


  • Apple Pay is exclusive to Apple devices, while Cash App caters to both Apple and Android users
  • Cash App offers a broader range of services, including cryptocurrency and investment options, whereas Apple Pay primarily focuses on payment services
  • Cash App facilitates transactions for users in the US and UK, while Apple Pay is limited to the US market

Utilizing Wise for International Money Transfers

For individuals seeking to send money internationally, leveraging Wise presents a viable solution. With the ability to transfer funds to over 80 countries at competitive exchange rates and transparent fees, Wise offers a seamless cross-border payment experience. Moreover, users can conveniently utilize Apple Pay for international transactions, enhancing the overall payment process.


While direct transfers between Cash App and Apple Pay may not be feasible, the outlined process enables users to navigate the transfer of funds effectively. By leveraging intermediary bank accounts and following the prescribed steps, individuals can seamlessly transfer money from Apple Pay to Cash App, ensuring optimal convenience and accessibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you add Apple Pay to Cash App?

While direct transfers between Apple Pay and Cash App are not supported, users can add their Cash App card to Apple Pay for enhanced mobile spending capabilities.

2. How do you verify Cash App for Apple Pay?

To add your Cash Card to Apple Pay, follow these steps:

  • Open your Apple Wallet and tap the + symbol
  • Enter your card information as prompted
  • Verify the addition of your Cash Card in the Cash App

3. Is there a transfer limit when using Apple Pay with Cash App?

Users can withdraw up to $10,000 USD per transaction from Apple Cash, with a weekly limit of $20,000 USD.

4. How long do instant transfers from Apple Pay to Cash App take?

Instant transfers from Apple Cash to a linked debit card typically arrive within 30 minutes. Subsequently, transferring funds from the debit card to Cash App may take additional time.

5. How do you transfer money from Apple Pay to Cash App without a card?

Even in the absence of a card, users can transfer funds from Apple Pay to Cash App by utilizing their bank account as an intermediary.

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