How To Use Companion Fare Alaska

Maximizing the Value of Your Alaska Companion Fare

Alaska Airlines offers a valuable perk to its co-branded credit cardholders in the form of an annual Companion Fare. This benefit allows cardholders to book a second ticket for a travel companion at a significantly reduced rate, starting at $122. To make the most of this perk, it’s essential to understand how to use the Alaska Companion Fare effectively. Here are some tips on maximizing the value of your Companion Fare:

1. Choose Expensive Itineraries

When using your Companion Fare, opt for expensive itineraries to maximize your savings. The higher the base fare of the ticket, the more value you will get from the Companion Fare. Look for flights to destinations with higher ticket prices to make the most of this benefit.

2. Explore Round-Trip, One-Way, or Open Jaw Flights

While the Companion Fare is typically used for round-trip flights, you can also utilize it for one-way or open jaw itineraries. Take advantage of this flexibility to create unique travel plans that can save you even more money.

3. Travel During Peak Seasons

Consider using your Companion Fare for travel during peak seasons when ticket prices are higher. Holidays and summer months are ideal times to maximize the value of your Companion Fare and enjoy significant savings on expensive flights.

4. Bring Family and Friends

Remember that you don’t have to be one of the travelers on the itinerary booked with the Companion Fare. Use this benefit to bring family members or friends along on your trip, allowing you to share the savings with your loved ones.

5. Consider Multiple Companion Passes

If you frequently travel with different companions or family members, you may benefit from having multiple Alaska Airlines credit cards to access additional Companion Fares. While this may involve paying multiple annual fees, the savings from multiple Companion Fares can outweigh the costs.

FAQs About Using the Alaska Companion Fare

1. How often can you use Alaska Companion Fare?

The Alaska Companion Fare can only be used once per certificate. Each year, cardholders receive a new Companion Fare that can be used for a single itinerary.

2. Can I use the Alaska Companion Fare for first class?

The Companion Fare is valid for economy class tickets only. However, you may have the option to upgrade to first class by redeeming miles or utilizing elite upgrade benefits.

3. Can I use the Alaska Companion Fare on international flights?

While the Companion Fare can be used for international flights operated by Alaska Airlines, it is not valid for partner-operated flights. Ensure that your itinerary includes Alaska Airlines flights to utilize the Companion Fare.

4. Can I use the Alaska Companion Fare with an award ticket?

The Companion Fare can only be used in conjunction with a paid ticket and cannot be applied to award travel. You must book a cash ticket to take advantage of the Companion Fare benefit.

5. Do I earn miles with the Alaska Companion Fare?

Both travelers on the itinerary, including the Companion Fare recipient, will earn miles for the flight. Make sure to include your Alaska Mileage Plan account numbers when booking to accrue miles for your journey.

By following these tips and guidelines, you can make the most of your Alaska Companion Fare and enjoy significant savings on your travels. Whether you’re planning a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a solo adventure, the Companion Fare can help you stretch your travel budget and create memorable experiences.

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