How To Watch Twitch On Roku

How To Watch Twitch On Roku

Are you a fan of live streams and video game content? Do you own a Roku device and want to know how to stream Twitch on it? Although some users will require a workaround, watching Twitch content on your Roku is relatively straightforward. So, how do you get started?

Is Twitch Available on a Roku?

Unfortunately, Amazon removed the official Twitch streaming channel from Roku devices in 2017. At the time, Roku owners who had already installed the Twitch Channel on their Roku devices received a warning message indicating the app would no longer be updated, but they could still access it. That leaves a few methods to stream Twitch on Roku devices, including the following:

  • If you’ve downloaded the Twitch app on your Roku previously, simply navigate to, enter ‘twitchtv,’ and select Add Channel.
  • If you’ve never downloaded the Twitch app on your Roku model, visit, enter ‘twoku,’ and select Add Channel.
  • Alternatively, you can mirror your smartphone or PC display to your Roku device as long as the model supports it.

Although the official Twitch Channel on Roku is only available to those who have used it before, the other two solutions work for everyone.

How to Stream Twitch Using the Official Channel

Although the official Twitch Channel isn’t accessible in the Roku Store, you can still access it if you used it previously, when the channel was officially available. Use the following steps to install the official Twitch app on your Roku Player:

  1. From a website browser, visit the Roku site and select Add Channel With a Code.
  2. Enter ‘twitchtv‘ and select Add Channel.
  3. Press OK to confirm your choices, despite the warning message from Roku.
  4. Press Yes, Add Channel to download and install the official Twitch Channel onto your Roku device.

To finish, update your Roku Player to access the Twitch Channel.

How to Stream Twitch on a Roku Using Unofficial Channels

If you haven’t downloaded Twitch on your Roku in the past, you can’t access the discontinued platform. Fortunately, you can use an unofficial Twitch app as a workaround. These apps aren’t provided in the Roku Channel Store, so you must use a code to access them. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. From a website browser, visit the Roku site and select Add Channel With a Code.
  2. Enter ‘TWOKU’ or ‘C6ZVZD‘ and select Add Channel.
  3. Press OK after reading the disclaimer and warning.
  4. Confirm Yes, Add Channel to confirm your choices and download and install TWOKU.

To finish, update your Roku Player to access the TWOKU Channel.

Stream Twitch to Your Roku by Screen Mirroring with a PC

Roku Players can connect to a computer to stream Twitch from a browser. Use the following steps to get started:

  1. Launch a web browser on your PC and click Windows Key + A to open the Quick Actions Menu.
  2. Choose Cast or Project. If you don’t see either option, press the pencil icon and add the feature.
  3. After selecting Cast, choose your Roku model.
  4. Connect your computer to the Roku Player.
  5. On the Roku Player, allow the computer to project Twitch content. If you follow the instructions correctly, you can view Twitch on your TV.

In some cases, the settings need to be adjusted. Select Change Projection Mode in the Cast pop-up box and choose Duplicate instead of the other options. Afterward, Twitch streams should be visible on the Roku Player.

Keep in mind that some Roku Players don’t support screen mirroring. Some mobile platforms cannot cast to Roku devices. You can find out more information on the official Roku Support. Screen mirroring is also enabled by default. If it’s disabled, check your device settings.

Stream Twitch to Roku by Screen Mirroring Using Android

Android devices have supported screen mirroring for Roku Players for quite some time without any issues. Use the following instructions to get started:

  1. Launch the Twitch App on your Android smartphone or tablet and log into your account.
  2. Select the stream you want to watch. Find the Smart View or Screen Cast button on your phone or tablet.
  3. Select the Roku Player you want to cast.
  4. Give the mobile device access to cast video on your Roku Player.
  5. After the connection is established, you can watch any Twitch content.

Alternatively, you can give your Android device permanent access to cast Twitch content to your Roku Player. On your Roku Player, navigate to Settings, head to System and select Screen Mirroring, then select Always Allow for the Screen Mirroring feature. This allows other devices to cast content to your Roku Player.

Can I Cast Twitch to Roku Using an iPhone?

Yes, you can cast Twitch streams or VODs to your Roku using an iPhone or Mac. The steps are similar to Android devices, but you will need to use AirPlay instead of Screen Mirroring. For more information, visit the official Roku AirPlay Guide.

FAQs – Watch Twitch on Roku

Is Twitch available on Roku?

The official Twitch channel used to be on Roku and many other platforms. However, since it was taken down, there is no longer an official app. Only users who used to have a Twitch account on Roku can access it through the code. However, the rest who are still looking for access can access its unofficial app called TWOKU.

Can you add channels to Roku?

Yes, you can add channels to Roku. If you’re looking for free channels, then you can tap on it and then click on “Add Channel.” This will automatically add the free channel to your list. Now, there are Roku channels that require subscriptions. So, when you download it, you will be prompted to create your account and choose a subscription to get started.

Is Twitch free?

Yes, Twitch is free to use. However, there are more channels available on it if you have a registered Twitch account. With it, various Twitch users can interact with each other, chat, stream, and more.

Does Twitch have a code for Roku?

Yes, if you used Twitch in the past, you can re-access it on Roku by going to your account page, clicking on “Add channel,” and entering the code “twitchtv.” If you’re getting the unofficial Twitch, you can use the code “TWOKU” or “C6ZVZD.”

How do you watch Twitch on TV?

To watch Twitch on your Smart TV, you can either use your Roku box or screen mirror the Twitch channels from other devices like smartphones or PC to your Smart TV.

Does Twitch have AirPlay?

Twitch does not have AirPlay, but the iPhone or Mac device you use needs to have it, to get the unofficial Twitch app and screencast it on your Roku or Smart TV.

Does Roku support screen mirroring?

Only the more advanced generation models of Roku TVs and streaming players support screen mirroring. First, look up a list of supported devices, then check whether you have the right model. Wondering how to do that? On your Roku device, go to “Settings” > “System” > “About.”

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