MagBay Lures Lyman 1+ Pound Lead INGOTS Review

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MagBay Lures Lyman 1+ Pound Lead INGOTS are a reliable choice for those in need of high-quality lead for various casting purposes. Made in the USA, these lead ingots are sold by total weight, ensuring that you get the quantity you pay for. The extremely clean and pure lead is suitable for a wide range of lead castings, making it a versatile option for anglers, hobbyists, and craftsmen.


  • Extremely clean and pure lead
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold by total weight, ensuring quantity accuracy
  • Versatile for various lead casting purposes
  • Well-packaged for safe delivery


  • Some ingots may not be perfectly shaped
  • Not suitable for decorative purposes due to irregular shapes
  • Some users reported that the lead is hard cast, not pure as stated

Many customers have praised the cleanliness and purity of the lead, emphasizing its consistency and suitability for casting purposes. The well-packaged delivery has also been appreciated, ensuring that the lead arrives safely. However, some users have noted that the ingots may not be perfectly shaped, and the irregular shapes make them unsuitable for decorative purposes.

One customer mentioned that the lead is hard cast, not pure as stated, and expressed disappointment. However, others have found the lead to be perfect for their needs, such as casting airgun slugs and constructing model railroads. The versatility of these lead ingots makes them a valuable addition to any casting toolkit.

Overall, MagBay Lures Lyman 1+ Pound Lead INGOTS offer a reliable and clean source of lead for casting, with the minor drawbacks being overshadowed by the product’s quality and versatility.

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