Sensationnel Butta Lace Unit 18 (FLAMBOYAGEMOCHA) Review

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The Sensationnel Butta Lace Unit 18 in FLAMBOYAGEMOCHA is a synthetic lace front wig that has garnered mixed reviews from customers. Let’s delve into the features, benefits, and drawbacks of this product to provide valuable insights for potential buyers.


  • Virtually Undetectable HD LACE
  • Blends With Most Skin-tones
  • Ear-to-ear Lace With A Wide 5” Deep Hand-tied Parting Area
  • Pre-plucked With Baby Hair Along The Hairline
  • Color Shown: 1B


  • The HD lace blends seamlessly with most skin tones, providing a natural look.
  • The wide hand-tied parting area allows for versatile styling options.
  • Pre-plucked baby hair along the hairline adds to the realistic appearance.
  • Customers have praised the realistic color and lace of the wig.
  • Many users have found it to be an amazing everyday wig that holds curls well and feels soft.


  • Some customers have reported tangling, especially after the first day of wear.
  • There are mixed opinions about the quality of the lace, with some finding it hard to curl the baby hairs without melting.
  • A few users with larger heads found the wig to be a little tight.

Despite being a synthetic wig, many customers have expressed satisfaction with the Sensationnel Butta Lace Unit 18. While some experienced tangling, others found it to be an amazing everyday wig that holds curls well and feels soft. The HD lace, wide parting area, and pre-plucked baby hair have been highlighted as significant benefits. However, the quality of the lace and its ability to hold up to heat styling have been points of contention. Potential buyers should consider these factors before making a purchase decision.

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