SnapSafe in Wall Long Gun Safe Review

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The SnapSafe in Wall Long Gun Safe is a sturdy and secure option for storing firearms, valuables, and documents. Constructed with 16-gauge steel body and a .15” steel door, this heavy-duty gun cabinet provides reliable protection against theft and unauthorized access. The safe’s exterior dimensions are 44 inches tall x 16.25 inches wide x 4 inches deep, with an interior space of 40.7 inches tall x 14.13 inches wide x 3.78 inches deep, and it weighs 55 lbs.

One of the standout features of this safe is its electronic and keyed entry, which offers high-security access to your firearms and valuables. The electronic keypad lock with key backup ensures that you can always access the safe, while preventing unauthorized use. Additionally, the SnapSafe in Wall Long Gun Safe is easy to install between wall studs, providing a hidden and secure storage solution.


  • Sturdy 16-gauge steel construction
  • Electronic and keyed entry for high-security access
  • Easy installation between wall studs
  • Hidden design for discreet storage
  • Includes 3 removable shelves for extra storage


  • Internal locking mechanism takes up space on the shelves
  • Not suitable for storing long guns and other items simultaneously
  • Some users reported issues with the door locking mechanism

While the SnapSafe in Wall Long Gun Safe offers excellent security and ease of installation, some users have noted limitations regarding the internal space and the locking mechanism. The safe’s design may not accommodate long guns and other items simultaneously, and the internal locking mechanism occupies space on the shelves, affecting storage capacity. Additionally, a few users reported issues with the door locking mechanism, suggesting the need for careful consideration during installation.

Overall, the SnapSafe in Wall Long Gun Safe is a reliable and well-built option for securing firearms, documents, and valuables. Its sturdy construction, electronic and keyed entry, and discreet installation make it a valuable addition to home security. However, potential buyers should be mindful of the internal space limitations and ensure proper installation to avoid any operational issues.

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