T-shirt Order Form Log Book: Organized Business Essential | Review

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As a small business owner, the T-shirt Order Form Log Book has been an essential tool for keeping track of my orders and maintaining organization in my business. This 8.5”x11” inch book with 120 pages provides ample space to record order details, customer information, and order status, helping me stay on top of my business activities.

The premium matte finish soft cover gives the book a professional look and feel, while the white paper inside is of high quality. The book’s compact size makes it easy to carry around, and the layout is well-designed, making it convenient to fill in order details quickly and efficiently.

One of the standout features of this log book is its simplicity and effectiveness. It’s designed specifically for entrepreneurs and home-based small business owners, which is evident in its user-friendly layout and practicality. The book has helped me streamline my order management process, saving time and reducing errors.


  • Ample space for order details and customer information
  • Premium matte finish soft cover for a professional look
  • Compact size and well-designed layout for convenience
  • Effective tool for streamlining order management

While the T-shirt Order Form Log Book has been incredibly beneficial for my business, one minor drawback is that it would be even more convenient if it had a built-in receipt feature. However, this is a minor issue considering the overall usefulness of the book.


  • Lacks a built-in receipt feature

In conclusion, the T-shirt Order Form Log Book has proven to be an indispensable asset for my business. Its practical design, ample space for order details, and overall effectiveness make it a valuable tool for any small business owner. I highly recommend this log book to entrepreneurs looking to stay organized and efficient in managing their orders.

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