TIS 547B 24×12 8×6.5″ -44mm Black Wheel Rim 24″ Inch Review

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When it comes to upgrading your vehicle’s appearance and performance, the TIS 547B 24×12 wheel rim is a standout choice. This review will provide an in-depth look at the features, benefits, and potential drawbacks of this impressive wheel rim.


The TIS 547B wheel rim boasts a 24-inch diameter, 14-inch width, and an 8×6.5″ bolt pattern with a -44mm offset. Its construction as a 1-piece wheel ensures durability and strength, making it suitable for various driving conditions. The gloss black color adds a sleek and modern touch to any vehicle, while the lifetime structural and one-year finish warranty provides peace of mind to buyers.


One of the key benefits of the TIS 547B wheel rim is its ability to enhance the overall look of a vehicle. The bold design and attention to detail make it a head-turning addition to trucks and SUVs. Additionally, the sturdy construction and generous warranty offer reliability and longevity, ensuring that the investment is worthwhile.


  • Eye-catching gloss black color
  • Generous 24-inch diameter and 14-inch width
  • Durable 1-piece construction
  • Lifetime structural warranty
  • One-year finish warranty


  • Lug nuts not included with wheel purchase
  • May require professional installation for optimal fit

Final Verdict

The TIS 547B 24×12 8×6.5″ -44mm Black Wheel Rim 24″ Inch is a top-tier choice for vehicle enthusiasts seeking a combination of style and performance. Its striking design, robust construction, and warranty coverage make it a compelling option for those looking to elevate their ride. While the need for separate lug nuts and potential professional installation are minor considerations, the overall value and impact of this wheel rim are undeniable.

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