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The Twice CANDYBONG ∞ OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK is a must-have for any Twice fan. This light stick is not only an essential accessory for concerts but also a collector’s item. Let’s dive into the features, benefits, and drawbacks of this product.


  • The light stick measures 105*256*48mm, making it portable and easy to handle during concerts.
  • It comes with 1 Photocard set (9ea), adding a collectible element to the product.
  • The light stick is designed to sync up perfectly with the concert, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Fast shipping and original product guarantee when purchased from Amazon USA.


  • Official Merchandise: Despite initial skepticism, customers have confirmed that this is indeed the official Twice light stick, adding value to the purchase.
  • Syncs Perfectly: Customers have reported that the light stick synced perfectly with the concert, elevating the atmosphere and enjoyment.
  • Collectible Photocards: The inclusion of a set of photocards adds a fun and collectible aspect to the product.
  • Fast Shipping: Customers have appreciated the fast shipping and the assurance of receiving an original product when ordering from Amazon USA.


  • Missing Photocard: Some customers have reported receiving the product without the expected picture card, which is usually included with the light stick.
  • Quality Concerns: A few customers have mentioned receiving shrink-wrapped boxes that appeared to have been opened before, raising questions about the product’s quality control.

In conclusion, the Twice CANDYBONG ∞ OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK is a valuable addition to any Twice fan’s collection. Its official status, perfect syncing, and collectible nature make it a worthwhile purchase. However, there have been some concerns regarding missing photocards and potential quality issues. When purchasing this product, it’s advisable to ensure that it is bought from a reliable source to guarantee authenticity and quality.

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