UDT Shorts (Underwater Demolition Team) – KHAKI (30) review

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UDT Shorts (Underwater Demolition Team) – KHAKI (30) Review

UDT Shorts (Underwater Demolition Team) are a tribute to the elite special-purpose force established by the United States Navy during World War II. These shorts are designed to honor the legacy of the UDTs and are a symbol of their pioneering spirit.

Featuring an original WWII GI pattern, these shorts come with an adjustable front pull strap with an anodized brass O-ring, a single back patch pocket, and a button fly. The slim, tighter fit of the shorts adds to their retro cool look, making them a unique addition to any wardrobe.

One of the standout features of these shorts is their historical significance. The UDTs were the precursor to the present-day United States Navy SEALs, and these shorts pay homage to their legacy. The shorts are not just a piece of clothing but a symbol of courage, determination, and innovation.

However, some customers have noted that the sizing of the shorts may run small. It is recommended to carefully check the size chart and consider ordering a size up to ensure a comfortable fit. Additionally, the button fly and the high-rise design may not be suitable for everyone’s preferences, especially for those looking for modern swimwear.

In conclusion, UDT Shorts (Underwater Demolition Team) – KHAKI (30) are a unique and historically significant piece of clothing that pays tribute to the brave men of the UDTs. While they may have some sizing and design considerations, their historical significance and retro cool look make them a compelling choice for those who appreciate military history and vintage style.

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